Billing Faqs

Is there any no show fee applicable if appointment is not cancelled or rescheduled?

We assess $25 no-show fee to patients who do not cancel or reschedule their appointment at least 24 hours prior to their scheduled appointment time.

When should I schedule my well woman exam?

Most insurance companies will pay for a well woman exam once every 12 months so make sure you schedule your visit 12 months after the date of your last exam.

What if I am running late for my appointment?

Please call the main number (713-774-5131) and access the appointment desk option 3! Usually if you are more than 15 minutes late you might be asked to re-schedule your appointment unless the physician is able to work you in.

Will you remind me of my appointment?

As a courtesy you will receive an automated call two days prior to your scheduled appointment. The automated system will leave a message if no one answers the initial call.

Should I bring my records from my previous doctor’s office?

If you are transferring to our practice while pregnant, or transferring with a chronic medical condition, please bring your records with you on your first visit.

If I have a problem and need to get an appointment the same day, should I request an appointment on line?

No, existing patients should call the office to speak with a Triage Nurse who will then triage your problem and get you worked in the same day. If you are a new patient please call our office to speak with a member of the call center.

Can I bring my child / children to my appointment?

We ask that you limit bringing your children to the office, due to the possible transmission of childhood diseases.

Do you accept my insurance?

We welcome most health insurance plans, including Medicare Part B. We do not participate with IPA groups and will not accept your insurance if you are a part of an IPA, such as Kelsey Seybold or Renaissance. To insure that we participate with your insurance we encourage you to contact our Billing Department at (713) 774-6161 or you may contact your insurance company directly to find out if our provider participates with your plan.

I am getting information about Medicare HMO's. Are you a provider?

We do accept some Medicare HMO plans. Please contact our billing department to confirm which Medicare HMO plans we accept.

Why do you need a copy of my insurance card and driver's license?

We need a copy of your current insurance card to insure that the correct information is obtained to file your claim. We will also require a State issued ID at your visit. We will also need a valid (non-expired) ID for anyone paying for our services with a check.

What happens if I arrive at my appointment without my insurance card?

You may be asked to reschedule your appointment or pay in full for your visit.

Do I have to provide your office with my insurance coverage through my employer even if I choose to only use my spouse's insurance for reasons of better coverage?

Yes, you have to provide our office with your primary insurance through your employer. All medical services have to be filed with your insurance coverage through your employer first.

Is there a fee for a returned check?

Yes, there is a fee for returned checks plus the amount of your original check.

Should I contact your office if my insurance has changed or if I am no longer insured?

Yes, you should contact our billing office with any insurance changes or cancellation of coverage. Failure to inform us of any changes may result in you having to pay in full for your medical services.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Southwest Obstetrics and Gynecology Associates, LLP accepts Debit Card, Credit Card, Cash, HSA and FSA as forms of payment for services rendered.

We also accept Care Credit for non-insured patients only.

We do not accept HRA or other employee funded accounts as forms of payment.

Is your on-line bill pay a secured site?

Yes, it is a secure site. You may contact our Billing department to verify your payment was received.

I have an individual/market place insurance policy, how does that affect my appointment?

We do participate in some individual/marketplace plans. Your premium must be paid through your date of service to be honored at the appointment and the card cannot say “This Is Not Insurance”. Please call billing at 713-774-6161 if you have further questions.